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      "Proverbs!" interrupted Bergan, starting, and beginning to look interested.

      Trafford looked doubtful, and hesitated, but he happened to glance at Esmeraldas face, and it decided him. He went out and ordered the horses, and they started. As they climbed the hill, Esmeralda drew a long breath."Then you should have a better opinion of her son. If ever I met a thoroughly good fellow in my life, I believe I met one the day I made Captain Hulbert's acquaintance."

      Dont you know? said Esmeralda, rather unreasonably.

      What delusion? he asked.

      Ah! not much in your line! Well, theres nearly a page[102] about her. It gives a full account of how she was found out in Australia, and an exhaustive description of her dresses. They say shes worth two millions, and that shes one of the most charming girls that ever came to London. Shes going to be the rage this season, you mark my words. Is it true that she drops her hs, and otherwise murders the Queens English?The solemn butler announced dinner, and Lady Wyndover, linking her arm in Esmeraldas, led her into the dining-room.


      She had not long to wonder. She unlocked her door, and went into the adjoining cabin, while the boat came alongside, and woman and baskets were hauled upon the deck.It was a stately, not to say solemn, affair. There were three or four of the neighboring county families, a couple of officers from Belmont, and the rector and his wife. The county families had heard of and read about Miss Chetwynde, the heiress, and were consumed with curiosity respecting her, and were amazedand doubtless rather disappointedat not finding her to be a kind of female cowboy. They were also much startled and impressed by her beauty, and before the evening was over, Esmeralda had won the golden opinion of the male portion of the party. The men grouped themselves around her very much as they were in the habit of doing in London, and Trafford looked on from a distance with his usual gravity.


      Who is that who has just come in? she asked, but with a certain hesitation, which he noticed.


      Good gracious, is that all! remarked Lady Wyndover. He might have waited until after the ceremony, I should[166] think. But that is just like Lord Trafford. He thinks there is no one like that boy, and no doubt expects Esmeralda to be of the same opinion. Where is the lace, Barker? Turn round this way a little, dear. Why, I declare, your hand is shaking! I hope you are not upset. I wish he had not come!"I'll find you a better one, sir. I'll set about hunting for a good one this afternoon."