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      [373] Susane, Ancienne Infanterie Fran?aise. In the atlas of this work are colored plates of the uniforms of all the regiments of foot.

      "I thought you thought him innocent," said Riever subtly.One of the 'non-com Mish.' 159

      "She's a mean rebel, that's what she is! But that was a smart trick o' her'n, wasn't it?"

      "I want to go away until it blows over," said Pen.

      "But you were much attached to him?"

      [681] Vaudreuil au Ministre, 10 Avril, 1759.

      She headed diagonally across the field to that point in the woods which was nearest his camp. She could walk but slowly because the ground was so rough, old corn land that had been allowed to go to grass with the hills unharrowed. She would not look back until she was nearly across. A man's figure was rising over the swell of the field behind her. Anxiety attacked her. Suppose it was not Don but somebody who had followed her down the road. What would Don do? She dreaded to hear the sounds of a struggle. Don could take care of himself of course, but it would be the end of their secret. So well had that secret been kept that not one of all the searchers at Broome's Point now suspected that Don was still on the estate.


      the best order will be selected for the Colonel's Orderly."So I understand," said Danner, glancing sidelong at Pen.


      V2 prosperity rests, and turn some fair proportion of her vast mental forces to other objects than material progress and the game of party politics. She has tamed the savage continent, peopled the solitude, gathered wealth untold, waxed potent, imposing, redoubtable; and now it remains for her to prove, if she can, that the rule of the masses is consistent with the highest growth of the individual; that democracy can give the world a civilization as mature and pregnant, ideas as energetic and vitalizing, and types of manhood as lofty and strong, as any of the systems which it boasts to supplant.[816] Drawings made on the spot by Richard Short. These drawings, twelve in number, were engraved and published in 1761.


      V1 one that convulsed Europe and shook America, India, the coasts of Africa, and the islands of the sea.