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      He murmured her name again and again, and his lips formed it even when he ceased to speak.

      "Then I am perfectly content."

      The queen summoned firmness to reply: You can inform the king that he will never make me consent to render my daughter miserable; and that, so long as a breath of life remains in me, I will not permit her to take either the one or the other of these persons.

      Tabitha urged her to be of good heart when she hinted at these feelings.All was finished. Neither Church nor law could do anything more towards making the lovers man and wife. The law might undo the bond for them in the time to come, but the part of the Church was done for ever. In the eye of the Church their union was indissoluble.

      Mr. Carlyle has written the Life of Frederick the Great in six closely printed volumes of over five hundred pages each. It is a work of much ability and accuracy. There are, however, but few persons, in this busy age, who can find time to read three thousand pages of fine type, descriptive of events, many of which have lost their interest, and have ceased to possess any practical value. Still, the student who has leisure to peruse these voluminous annals of all the prominent actors in Europe during the reign of Frederick and of his half-insane father, will find a rich treat in the wonderfully graphic and accurate pages of Carlyle.The speaker was a short and very thin man, with features almost as clean and delicately cut as a womans. He was small altogether, with tiny feet and hands. His hair was gray, though he did not look an old man; and his sharp, close-shaven face, with its penetrating eyes and thin lips, gave him an alert and bird-like expression.


      "I would do anything difficult and unwelcome for your sakehow much more will I hasten my own happinessif I[Pg 278] can. But Allegra is a difficult personageas firm as rock when she has once made up her mind. And she has made up her mind to stay with you till you are quite well and strong again.""No, no. He must not see. He would wonder, and question meand guess, perhapsas you did just now. How was it you knewwhat made you guess?" she asked, with a sense of rebellion against this man who had pierced the veil behind which she had been hiding herself so long.



      "A thousand miles is not far for the Vendetta, Miss Leland. She would make light of crossing the Pacificfor a worthy motive."