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      Even with this madcap enterprise lopped off, La Salle's scheme of Mississippi trade and colonization, perfectly sound in itself, was too vast for an individual,above all, for one crippled and crushed with debt. While he grasped one link of the great chain, another, no less essential, escaped from his hand; while he built up a colony on the Mississippi, it was reasonably certain that evil would befall his distant colony of the Illinois.

      1665-1672. PATERNAL GOVERNMENT.Loud, merry talk reached them from the garden.

      The huge fellow did not stir.The Confederates at this time were in a flush of unparalleled audacity. They despised white men as base poltroons, and esteemed themselves warriors and heroes, destined to conquer all mankind. [1] The fire-arms with which the Dutch had rashly supplied them, joined to their united councils, their courage, and ferocity, gave them an advantage over the surrounding tribes which they fully understood. Their passions rose with their sense of power. They boasted that they would wipe the Hurons, the Algonquins, and the French from the face of the earth, and carry the "white girls," meaning the nuns, to their villages. This last event, indeed, seemed more than probable; and the Hospital nuns left their exposed station at Sillery, and withdrew to the ramparts and palisades of Quebec. The St. Lawrence and the Ottawa were so infested, that communication with the 242 Huron country was cut off; and three times the annual packet of letters sent thither to the missionaries fell into the hands of the Iroquois.

      leur premire condition. Charlevoix is almost as strong in

      Lycon turned deadly pale. Grasping a fold of Simonides robe, he said in a voice almost choked with emotion:

      II.Soon after, the restless movements of the patients hands ceased and they fell feebly on the coverlid. Raising his head with difficulty he looked around him.


      [78] "Tous ceux de mes amis qui l'ont vu luy trouve beaucoup d'esprit et un trs-grand sens; il ne parle gure que des choses sur lesquelles on l'interroge; il les dit en trs-peu de mots et trs-bien circonstancies; il distingue parfaitement ce qu'il scait avec certitude, de ce qu'il scait avec quelque mlange de doute. Il avoue sans aucune fa?on ne pas savoir ce qu'il ne scait pas, et quoyque je luy aye ouy dire plus de cinq ou six fois les mesme choses l'occasion de quelques personnes qui ne les avaient point encore entendues, je les luy ay toujours ouy dire de la mesme manire. En un mot je n'ay jamais ouy parler personne dont les paroles portassent plus de marques de vrit."


      [1] The Indian name of St. Jean was Etarita; and that of St. Matthias, Ekarenniondi.


      * Commission actroye au Sieur Gaudais. Mmoire pour servirFran?ois Hertel.