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      Well, Monsieur, I am waiting for your criticism.As an Abbess of Montivilliers is not rigorously cloistered, my aunt, who was perfectly charitable and courageous, thought herself obliged to go out to the first court, and did so, at any rate with a cortge suitable to her dignity.

      Isola could advance no reason, except her vague fear that her husband might not approve of her appearing at a public ball without him; but at this objection honest Tabitha snapped her fingers.

      "And is this really Rome?" she murmured softly.

      You could go this evening, he said. Miss HowardI beg pardon, I mean Miss Chetwyndeis a capital horsewoman, and can ride to Good Luck, where youll catch the coach. I will, with your permission, accompany you thus far.

      CHAPTER XV.Colonel Disney heard all this village gossip with an unheeding ear. He was secure in his own position as a son of[Pg 103] the soil, a man whose pedigree could pass muster with that of the Rashleighs and the Treffrys, a man of means that were ample for his own unpretending tastes and requirements. He cared not a jot how many guineas a year the Crowthers might give to their cook, or how much Mr. Crowther had paid for the furnishing and decoration of his house, a theme upon which the gossips of the neighbourhood loved to enlarge. That Mrs. Crowther had gowns from Worth, and that her daughters employed Mrs. Mason, irked not this simple soldier. The only point in all the stream of talk that had affected him was the unanimous opinion that Trelasco in the spring had been too relaxing for Mrs. Disney, or else that her solitude had preyed upon her mind, inasmuch as she had looked so ill as to afford an interesting subject of conversation to a good many friendly people who suffered from the chronic malady of not having enough to talk about, a form of starvation almost as bad as not having enough to eat.



      "Surely it was a grey horse that brought me!" she[Pg 305] exclaimed, and in the next minute she recognized Lostwithiel's brougham, the same carriage in which she had been driven home through the rain upon that unforgotten night when his house sheltered her, when she saw his face for the first time.Thats all right, said Varley Howard. Ill speak to her.


      Oh, you are ridiculously, wickedly rich, she said. I dont know how to make you understand. Well, see here, dear, theres scarcely anything that you couldnt afford to buy.CHAPTER III.